[vbox-dev] crash when Log is enable

Howard Su howard0su at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 17:59:55 PST 2011

please see the following patch. I don't think I fixed all the problem.
but this is one that I saw several times.

Index: libs/xpcom18a4/ipc/ipcd/extensions/dconnect/src/ipcDConnectService.cpp
--- libs/xpcom18a4/ipc/ipcd/extensions/dconnect/src/ipcDConnectService.cpp
     (revision 35941)
+++ libs/xpcom18a4/ipc/ipcd/extensions/dconnect/src/ipcDConnectService.cpp
     (working copy)
@@ -2221,7 +2221,7 @@
-  const char *name;
+  const char *name = NULL;
   LOG(("{%p} DConnectStub::<dtor>(): peer=%d instance=0x%Lx {%s}\n",
        this, mPeerID, mInstance, name));

GetNameShared will not clear name to NULL if there is not name which
cause crash.


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