[vbox-dev] [Experiment]VRDE library for VNC

Vitali Pelenjow Vitali.Pelenjow at oracle.com
Thu Feb 10 04:13:22 PST 2011

VRDE server is supposed to try to bind to one of free ports in the range 
and then tell VBox which port is used via VRDE_SP_NETWORK_BIND_PORT.
VBox does not manage this.

BTW, VRDECallbackFramebufferQuery returns a bool. You may want to change 
the code in VRDEResize to:
     bool fAvailable = 
0, &info);
     if (!fAvailable)


Howard Su wrote:
> about PORT, seems VBox support port range. is there any way that VBox
> will manage the port for different VM? Or we have to pick in my code?

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