[vbox-dev] vboxbow not working?

Willi Burmeister wib at cs.uni-kiel.de
Thu Dec 15 06:32:59 GMT 2011

Hi vbox developers,

I tried to ask the following in vbox-users-community at lists.sourceforge.net
without luck. Maybe someone here has some answers.

I'm playing with Crossbow and VirtualBox on my fully patched Solaris 11.

My system has two network interfaces. The main interface (igb0) is for the host.
The second interface (igb1) is on a trunk line and my playground for crossbow.

For VirtualBox I created a new VNIC with:

# dladm create-vnic -l igb1 -v 110 sun110001

  110001 = VLAN-ID * 1000 + PPA

To be able to snoop on the net I had to plumb the interface:

# ipadm create-ip sun110001

# ifconfig sun110001
sun110001: flags=201000842<BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4,CoS> mtu 1500 index 12
        inet netmask 0
        ether 2:8:20:14:30:39

Now I created a new VM with sun110001 as bridged interface and the same MAC address.

% VBoxManage showvminfo VM | egrep -i 'nic 1'
NIC 1:           MAC: 020820143039, Attachment: Bridged Interface 'sun110001 - Ethernet', Cable connected: on, Trace: off (file: none), Type: 82540EM,
+Reported speed: 0 Mbps, Boot priority: 0, Promisc Policy: deny

Unfortunately the VM was not able to establish a network connection as none of the
packets got a VLAN tag.

Removing VirtualBox and reinstalling while doing a 'touch /etc/vboxinst_vboxflt' first
installed the old vboxflt driver.

Now all network packets are tagged and everything seems to work as expected.

What's the main difference between vboxbow and vboxflt? And why does my
setup not work with vboxbow?

Any help is appreciated.



% pkg info entire | egrep -i summ
       Summary: entire incorporation including Support Repository Update (Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 SRU 02). ...

% pkgparam SUNWvbox VERSION

# modinfo | egrep -i vbox
201 fffffffff868b548    d48 189   1  vboxnet (VirtualBox NetAdp 4.1.6r74713)
203 fffffffff89c0000  2e3b0 184   1  vboxdrv (VirtualBox HostDrv 4.1.6r74713)
264 fffffffff8d80000   4a18 193   1  vboxusbmon (VirtualBox USBMon 4.1.6r74713)
265 fffffffff8b68000   75d8 195   1  vboxusb (VirtualBox USB 4.1.6r74713)
305 fffffffff8d78000   7960 196   1  vboxflt (VirtualBox NetDrv 4.1.6r74713)
305 fffffffff8d78000   7960   -   1  vboxflt (VirtualBox NetMod 4.1.6r74713)



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