[vbox-dev] Inclusion of the Guest Additions in Ubuntu 11.10 by default

Felix Geyer debfx at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 30 11:38:26 PDT 2011

On 30.08.2011 18:21, Michael Thayer wrote:
> One of the things I am worried about is situations like when the system
> has installed some old Additions version and the user installs current
> Additions following our instructions, and then the system does some
> minor update, partly or fully overwriting our Additions and the end
> result is not very pretty.

The additions installer could detect if the distribution package is installed
and offer to remove it.

On 30.08.2011 19:00, Alexey Eromenko wrote:
>> Do the other distributions do things like Ubuntu, or do they just
>> install the package silently?
> openSUSE, Debian and Mandriva just install GA silently. Yes, there is
> a potential risk of over-writing new GA by doing minor update. (But so
> far heard no complains about this from users)

On Debian the guest additions package isn't silently installed.
Users need to manually install it.

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