[vbox-dev] wiki/Mac OS X build instructions, hardening warning

Christian Pötzsch christian.poetzsch at oracle.com
Mon Aug 29 10:14:44 PDT 2011

Hi Ryan,

I build VBox with MacPorts and it is working. However, hardening is
*disabled* in the portfile of VirtualBox. As I already wrote, this is
_not_ save to use and shouldn't be done by an package installation system.

If there are any problems with building the hardening on another path as
the default one (/Applications/VirtualBox.app/...), this should be
reported to us and we can try (together) to solve any issues. Accounting
how big and widely used MacPorts is, you really should consider
disabling the port for now. Feel free to ask any questions.


On 08/28/11 19:58, Christian Pötzsch wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> this Wiki page is for building VirtualBox from the sources, mainly for
> development. So a MacPorts portfile doesn't help here. Also I guess the
> portfile will build a version for X11 and not Quartz.
> About your question about hardening: This warning says exactly what it
> means. Don't use VBox without hardening for production builds. If you
> don't have configured to disable hardening, I just can imagine its
> because you build the X11 version on OSX.
> Chris
> On 8/28/11 12:27 AM, Ryan Stonecipher wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am Ryan Stonecipher and have been using VirtualBox since a few
>> months before it was purchased by Sun - what a long way it has come!
>> I contribute to the MacPorts project and have a couple
>> suggestions/ideas now that one of my peers has completed a Portfile (a
>> build recipe of sorts) for VirtualBox.
>> I have a few suggestions for simplifying the 'Mac OS X build
>> instructions' wiki page:
>>   I would propose the following changes to the Prerequisites on Mac OS
>> X section:
>>     add '4.1 or later for Lion (available from the Mac App Store)' to
>> the per-platform list of required XCode versions
>>     Replace 'Some things from MacPorts' with 'MacPorts' (the
>> virtualbox port handles its dependencies)
>>     Remove everything after the reminder to edit paths in ~/.profile
>> (same reason as above)
>>   I would propose the following change to the Building VirtualBox section:
>>     Replace everything before the 'Tips for building VirtualBox on
>> Snow Leopard 32 bit' subsection with:
>>       In Terminal.app, run 'sudo port install virtualbox'
>>   I would propose the following change to th Running VirtualBox section:
>>     Replace the entire section with:
>>       1. In Terminal.app, run 'sudo port load virtualbox'
>>       2. Launch /Applications/MacPorts/VirtualBox.app
>> A MacPorts developer noted that the following warning is displayed
>> during configuration:
>>   Hardening is disabled. Please do NOT build packages for distribution
>> with disabled hardening!
>> From what little research I have done, it appears that hardening is
>> for Linux/BSD - should it be a concern for distribution on OS X?
>> If so, the 'Mac OS X build instructions' wiki page should probably
>> include a detailed breakdown of what to do for hardening similar to
>> the 'Linux build instructions' wiki page.
>> Cheers,
>> Ryan Stonecipher
>> 573.489.2848
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