[vbox-dev] wiki/Mac OS X build instructions, hardening warning

Ryan Stonecipher rmstonecipher at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 15:27:37 PDT 2011

Hello all,
I am Ryan Stonecipher and have been using VirtualBox since a few
months before it was purchased by Sun - what a long way it has come!
I contribute to the MacPorts project and have a couple
suggestions/ideas now that one of my peers has completed a Portfile (a
build recipe of sorts) for VirtualBox.

I have a few suggestions for simplifying the 'Mac OS X build
instructions' wiki page:
  I would propose the following changes to the Prerequisites on Mac OS
X section:
    add '4.1 or later for Lion (available from the Mac App Store)' to
the per-platform list of required XCode versions
    Replace 'Some things from MacPorts' with 'MacPorts' (the
virtualbox port handles its dependencies)
    Remove everything after the reminder to edit paths in ~/.profile
(same reason as above)
  I would propose the following change to the Building VirtualBox section:
    Replace everything before the 'Tips for building VirtualBox on
Snow Leopard 32 bit' subsection with:
      In Terminal.app, run 'sudo port install virtualbox'
  I would propose the following change to th Running VirtualBox section:
    Replace the entire section with:
      1. In Terminal.app, run 'sudo port load virtualbox'
      2. Launch /Applications/MacPorts/VirtualBox.app

A MacPorts developer noted that the following warning is displayed
during configuration:
  Hardening is disabled. Please do NOT build packages for distribution
with disabled hardening!
>From what little research I have done, it appears that hardening is
for Linux/BSD - should it be a concern for distribution on OS X?
If so, the 'Mac OS X build instructions' wiki page should probably
include a detailed breakdown of what to do for hardening similar to
the 'Linux build instructions' wiki page.


Ryan Stonecipher

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