[vbox-dev] Building from SVN creates 2 users guides

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Fri Aug 26 17:02:49 PDT 2011

It's simple actually after I found the little bugger.

Config.kmk has the following line:
# Enable any translations in OSE, even partial ones.

And this from the doc/manual/Makefile.kmk

IMHO Following the rest of the way VirtualBox does things this actually 
should not have been enabled by default but enabled upon request
by placing the proper line in your LocalConfig.kmk. Same way you do VNC, 

For now, I will add VBOX_WITH_DOCS_TRANSLATIONS :=  to my LocalConfig.kmk

As for a patch it is not needed.  The DEVs know what to do if they want 
to change the way this is. (just remove the 1)

On 08/26/2011 06:33 PM, François Revol wrote:
> Le 27/08/2011 01:25, Perry Halbert a écrit :
>> You people don't get it. This is not a file that is simply dropped it.
>> It gets created on build from the source as well as the one I have setup
>> to be built. There are plenty of different translations available if you
>> tell VirtualBox to build them. My question is still why does it build by
> You're surely mixing up translated *manual* with the translated 
> localization strings of the app itself.
> doc/manual/ only has en_US and fr_FR.
>> default in addition to the one I use? I am not complaining that the
>> translation should not be there and am sure it is very accurate and well
>> needed but why is it hard coded to build when it is not needed? All the
>> other translations are not being generated from source when I build. At
>> close to 6 MB in size and time that is required to compile the different
>> guide just seems a waste that I am sure is a glitch.
> Given the total build time this doesn't change much really :P
> But surely you can send a patch to make it optional.
> François.
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