[vbox-dev] Building from SVN creates 2 users guides

François Revol revol at free.fr
Fri Aug 26 16:33:16 PDT 2011

Le 27/08/2011 01:25, Perry Halbert a écrit :
> You people don't get it. This is not a file that is simply dropped it.
> It gets created on build from the source as well as the one I have setup
> to be built. There are plenty of different translations available if you
> tell VirtualBox to build them. My question is still why does it build by

You're surely mixing up translated *manual* with the translated 
localization strings of the app itself.
doc/manual/ only has en_US and fr_FR.

> default in addition to the one I use? I am not complaining that the
> translation should not be there and am sure it is very accurate and well
> needed but why is it hard coded to build when it is not needed? All the
> other translations are not being generated from source when I build. At
> close to 6 MB in size and time that is required to compile the different
> guide just seems a waste that I am sure is a glitch.

Given the total build time this doesn't change much really :P
But surely you can send a patch to make it optional.


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