[vbox-dev] guest additions, cross platform ?

François Revol revol at free.fr
Fri Aug 26 14:45:43 PDT 2011

Le 26/08/2011 23:05, Jay Vyas a écrit :
> Hi guys : I have a VM that works well when I export it to run on ther
> VBox's.  Im afraid that, if I install the guest additions, It wont work
> anymore on windows, however --- since the guest additions are host specific.
> Do "Guest Additions" Make a VM instance less amenable to exporation ? I want
> the VM to run smoothly under different host conditions..............

The *guest* additions are installed on the *guest* and have no concern 
with the host. They talk to the host via virtualized hardware through 
virtualbox itself, which implements the host part depending on the host 

The only difference when you move a VM to another host might be 
differences in how much the host code supports the addition features 
(some do not support clipboard exchange, or only text data for ex.).
But it shouldn't make the VM less usable than if it didn't have the 
(or else this is a bug)


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