[vbox-dev] Build OSE on Win7 x64

Mark Roddy mark.roddy at virtualcomputer.com
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I'd be happy to share. This has turned into a weekend project for me, so
you'll have to wait until I get some time at home for the gory details.


I'm attempting to use the latest released WDK (7600.16385.1) plus Visual
Studio 10.  Because of assorted comments in the build tools from vbox I
am convinced that they are using these components as well, but have not
released the correct kmake bits.


Because the vbox developers insist on mixing toolchains (visual
studio/sdk/wdk include files) they have huge problems with conflicting
definitions, particularly with the file "intrinsics.h" and "ntddk.h" (or
its cousin "wdm.h"). In my opinion they have gone way down a wrong path,
but that is just my opinion and I would be happy to go down that path
with them if they would just provide a map J.


I will send you more details sometime this weekend.


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Thank you, Mark.


Can you please share a bit what you did to do (at least partial) build?
At this time I can't even pass the configuration step (well, I could by
changing configure.vbs script, but this is a bit too hacky for me), so
your experience in that would be a big help and time saver. Of course if
I manage to build it I will share what it takes. I'm not greedy :-)





On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 12:29 PM, Mark Roddy
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Hey when you get it working please post a detailed description of what
you did. I have been trying to get a reasonable build environment for
windows using recent toolchains working for a while now, and it has not
been fun and I have not yet managed to get a complete build.


The build requirements at virtualbox.org <http://virtualbox.org/>  are
hopelessly out of date. There are a few messages in this list archive
that document what others have done with some rev or other of the OSE.
It would be real nice if the developers would update the build
instructions to something that works and is supportable and that doesn't
require editing standard include files from assorted build tools.


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Hi guys,


Sorry if this Q is not appropriate for this list, but I couldn't find a
better option.

So, I'm trying to build VBox on my Win7 x64 machine, and can't event get
past the configuration. The build requirement posted on virtualbox.org
<http://virtualbox.org/> , although clear, seem to be unachievable this
day and age. At least as far as getting gcc 3.3.x is concerned. I
couldn't find its installation anywhere, and gcc 4.x.x doesn't pass the
config checker. It's also not clear whether I can use VisualStudio 2008
to build VBox (seems like 2005 is OK, as well as 2010, but not 2008?)
So, I guess, my question is are there any specific instructions on how
to build VBox on Win7 x64?


Again, sorry if this is wrong place to ask this typ of Q. If you can
point me somwhere else where it's more appropriate ("Building Vistual
Box" topic on the forum seems to be dead) I will appreciate it.


Thanks in advance,




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