[vbox-dev] feature request - host shutdown

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Thu Apr 28 16:42:01 PDT 2011

I've written a few PHP scripts to do this, so that I can use VirtualBox 
for a few headless 'virtual private servers'.

If you're interested, the scripts are available at 
http://oss.ucis.nl/virtualbox/phpvboxd/. You'll probably have to adjust 
the paths to your setup. You can then symlink/link/copy the init.php 
script in /etc/init.d, chmod +x, and then install it in rc.d 
(update-rc.d command).

Other than that, it would be nice if VirtualBox somehow deals with 
running VMs when the host is shut down (savestate? configurable? I think 
vboxheadless can already do this when configured at compile time). I 
don't think restarting them is a job for the VirtualBox core, though. A 
simple script can easily handle this.


Op 28-4-2011 14:58, Neal Becker schreef:
> When playing with kvm on fedora f15, I was pleasantly surprised that when I shut
> down my host, the guests were automatically backed up and restarted on reboot of
> the host.  Pretty cool!
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