[vbox-dev] Hello Developers ! Please help me with VirtualBox development... I will pay.

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 10:12:28 PDT 2011

Hello Developers !

A week ago I wrote about my effort to port GNS3 to VirtualBox engine.

GNS3 ported, but my port is basic and feature-incomplete, because it
requires one extra feature from VirtualBox, which it lacks.

I understand this is outside the 'usual' scope of requests, but I
really need your help.

namely: UDP Tunnel network mode.

Let's make a deal: I pay you for development of this feature. (for
porting the Qemu patch to VirtualBox)
You get paid for something you like: Open-Source development.

I offer $1000. This job may require few days or weeks to develop & QA,
depending on your expertise.

Payment will be structured like this:
$250 - advance (to show my seriousness)
$250 - after you write first code and submit to VirtualBox dev mailing list
$500 - after we complete QA cycle, and code gets accepted
$1000 Total. (preferably via PayPal)

Why you?

It must be someone with proven history of contributions to large-scale
Open-Source C/C++ projects.

Since no community member is interested for doing this job for free, I
offer a pay.

I don't know C++, so I can't do this job.

About Job:
GNS3 project decided to use UDP tunnel method to interconnect all of
it's nodes instead of other methods.

What UDP tunnel patch should do?

It allows two VMs to speak to one another by creating UDP
tunnel-over-IP. Ethernet frames flow through this tunnel.
VirtualBox UDP implementation should be 100% network-compatible with
equivalent Qemu implementation.

It must be tested at least on Windows & Linux.
I will take most of the testing job on myself, but you should
participate too.
Testing on other OSes is a bonus.

About 4-5 weeks is OK. Should be integrated into upcoming VirtualBox
4.1.0. (expected in Jun.2011)

Here is the original UDP patch for Qemu:

Here is the example VirtualBox-VDE patch by Renzo: (it can help you
port UDP Tunnel functionality from Qemu)

I have helped VirtualBox project for all those years since 2007... and
BETA-tested a wide variety of it's features.
So *please* help me with this now.

Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance,
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov", 26.Apr.2011.

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