[vbox-dev] Linux Host VM Cap?

Zak Perschon zakperschon at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 25 09:00:10 PDT 2011

I've come across what is seemingly a hard cap for the amount of 
concurrent VMs I can run on a Linux based machine (after posting on the 
support forums, I was directed here). Apparently this same cap was 
encountered on a solaris host and a fix was deployed to increase the 
amount of VMs that were allowed to run at the same time. Was this fix 
supposed to be included in other OS releases? Any information on this 
would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the information on the hardware/VM profiles I am using

Host Machine:
128 Processor Cores (64 dual core Xenon processors running at 2.27 GHz)
2.0 TB Memory (1.8~ Usable)
1.8 TB RAID 0 (6 x 300GB HDD running at 10k RPM)


VM Profile
Compiled TinyCore Linux 2.6
Required Memory: 150~MB
Required HDD Space: 50MB

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