[vbox-dev] PHP with XPCOM

Nikolay Igotti nikolay.igotti at oracle.com
Mon Apr 25 00:41:27 PDT 2011

25.04.2011 11:32, Howard Su пишет:
> is there anyway that PHP can call XPCOM directly? I would like to get 
> rid of vboxwebsrv. Possible?

Currently, Python can do that (and it does some heavylifting in C code 
for that), so you could either use Python directly, use Python form PHP
(smth lke http://www.csh.rit.edu/~jon/projects/pip/), or redo what's has 
been done for Python with PHP. All source code for Python
XPCOM bridge is publicly available, but it's not really trivial, so I'd 
suggest to rely upon Python bridge.


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