[vbox-dev] VirtualBox COM works on Linux, but CRASHES on Windows !

Nikolay Igotti nikolay.igotti at oracle.com
Sat Apr 23 00:43:04 PDT 2011


   As it was answered to other reader with similar issue (wrt Java), 
creating more than one VirtualBoxManager is a bug. You have to have signle
instance of VirtualBoxManager per client process, not per-VM. So 
"workaround" you posted is more like correct usage of API.
Regarding other questions: MSCOM is indeed standard Windows programs 
interoperability approach, so we used it, and you just need
to rethink your code organization, to make sure you have single manager. 
In future versions we'll add more checks to prevent erratic
behaviour with creating more than one manager.


23.04.2011 5:00, Alexey Eromenko пишет:
> Hi All,
> After porting GNS3 simulator to VirtualBox engine, I came across bad
> experience on Windows hosts.
> Hosts: Technologov's XRig 2011 hardware + Debian Linux 6.0 + VBox 4.0.6
> Hosts: Technologov's XRig 2011 hardware + Windows 7 x64 + VBox 4.0.6
> (also 4.0.4)
> Hosts: Technologov's XRig 2011 hardware + Windows XP + VBox 4.0.6 (also 4.0.4)
> When I initialize COM interface twice, that is make 2 objects of
> VirtualBoxManager(), VirtualBox COM loops endlessly on Windows hosts,
> but this works on Linux !
> Example crash code provided in: (works on Linux, crashes/loops on Windows)
> vboxcaller_crashy.py
> vboxstarter_crashy.py
> I have tried with both python 2.6.6 and python 2.7.1. on both WinXP
> and Win7 x64 to eliminate any potential bugs from host side. (used
> pyWin v216)
> The example workaround I did, is to create one object of
> VirtualBoxManager(), documented in files:
> vboxcaller.py
> vboxstarter.py
> However this example code won't work in real GNS3, because the
> "vboxcaller" is a remote process connecting via TCP/IP.
> Why this problem happens ? Difference between MS COM and XPCOM ?
> Can you please fix VirtualBox MS COM on Windows (to behave like on Linux) ?
> Or maybe allow to use XPCOM on Windows along with MS COM ?
> Why MS COM was chosen on Windows hosts ? Because it allows theoretical
> integration with Visual Basic and C# ?
> Please help ! It blocks further development of GNS3 project.
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