[vbox-dev] minor patch to fix incorrect VNC key mapping

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Thu Apr 14 10:41:50 PDT 2011

On 14.04.2011 00:02, Jonathon Moldenhauer wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently discovered a minor but annoying incorrect key mapping in the
> VBoxHeadless VNC code.
> Apparently the comma (,) is being mapped to the open-single-quote (`)
> key scan code.

Since we can't confirm such problems (since we're not supposed to touch 
the libvnc code due to licensing concerns) - can someone else conform 
that the comma key isn't working?

> I could not find any documentation stating that this was intentional so
> I suppose that it is a bug.

I'm somewhat surprised that no one complained before, which is why I'm 
asking for other opinions of other users.

> Attached is a patch to FramebufferVNC.cpp that fixes the key mapping.
> The patch is submitted under the MIT license.  The patch is against
> 3.2.12_OSE version, however I confirmed the same bug is also present in
> the most recent SVN version.
> I am submitting the patch here on the mailing list because that seems to
> be what I'm supposed to do based on the contributor information up on
> virtualbox.org <http://virtualbox.org>.  If this is not OK, just let me
> know where it should go and I'll repost to the appropriate place.

Yes, that's the preferred place, and your contribution is much appreciated.


> Thanks!
> Jonathon Moldenhauer

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