[vbox-dev] minor patch to fix incorrect VNC key mapping

Jonathon Moldenhauer jonmoldenhauer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:02:30 PDT 2011


Recently discovered a minor but annoying incorrect key mapping in the
VBoxHeadless VNC code.

Apparently the comma (,) is being mapped to the open-single-quote (`) key
scan code.

I could not find any documentation stating that this was intentional so I
suppose that it is a bug.

Attached is a patch to FramebufferVNC.cpp that fixes the key mapping.  The
patch is submitted under the MIT license.  The patch is against 3.2.12_OSE
version, however I confirmed the same bug is also present in the most recent
SVN version.

I am submitting the patch here on the mailing list because that seems to be
what I'm supposed to do based on the contributor information up on
virtualbox.org.  If this is not OK, just let me know where it should go and
I'll repost to the appropriate place.


Jonathon Moldenhauer
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