[vbox-dev] [PATCH][RFC] Preliminary Haiku port (Guest Additions)

François Revol revol at free.fr
Wed Apr 6 14:41:41 PDT 2011


Le 5 avr. 2011 à 13:24, Ramshankar a écrit :

> Thank you for the patch François,
> Although I didn't go through the patch in fine-detail I had a brief skim through it and noticed a few things that we might want to address:

That was the purpose of the [RFC] :)

> 1. Skip src/Installer/Haiku/* for now as these are Solaris additions and none of 

Yes I just had it copied at first, then didn't remember if I changed anything, so I just svn add-ed it.
I currently just zip out/haiku.x86/debug/bin/additions/ for now and install manually in my test VM.

> that stuff will work on Haiku. For Haiku we'd just want to use a Makefile.kmk and create a .zip with the relevant files and a ".sh" that updates the drivers on a running Haiku system (not sure how to do this explicitly on Haiku as I heard the 

You would not need it at all, though I noticed some issues with reloading, depending on the order of the files you overwrite...

> 2. Name the functions with "Haiku" rather than "Hku", eg rtR0SemEventHkuRetain() as rtR0SemEventHaikuRetain() as it's not much longer and we use full-names in other platforms too (rtR0SemEventDarwinRetain)

Suppose so, I blindly replaced what was in that I copied.

> 3. We might want to separate out the VBoxTray and other platform patches from this patch.

Right, I believe I already sent a separate patch for this, so if you apply it it won't appear in the next iteration of this one :P

> 4. There are some incorrect copyright headers (memobj-r0drv-haiku.c for instance) which needs to be changed.


> And is this patch licensed as MIT?


> A patch which doesn't change any other code and contributions fall into "Haiku" subdirectories is more likely to be integrated sooner.
> At present I understand the additions are working but it's unclear to me how far the Haiku host support has progressed. Thank you again for your contributions.

Don't remember where but it doesn't build fully yet.


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