[vbox-dev] Session problem when start two virtual machines together

DavidW wyx1999 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 12 17:05:53 PDT 2010

To start two virtual machines which are in "savedstate", I want to use
webservice to start them together, not one after another. Since
openRemoteSession returns immediately with a iprogress object, I think I
just need call openRemoteSession on both virtual machines and then wait for
them. But I got "The given session is already open or being opened" when I
trid to openRemoteSession on the second VM.  See below, any idea why it gave
that error? Is it reasonable the session id in step 1 and step 4 are the
same? What should I do to make it work? Thanks.



1,IWebsessionManager_getSessionObject - return session id -

2,IVirtualBox_openRemoteSession - on vm 1

n  Keep the returned iprogress


4,IWebsessionManager_getSessionObject - return session id -

5,IVirtualBox_openRemoteSession - on vm 2 - got"The given session is already
open or being opened"

n  Keep the returned iprogress


7,waitForCompletion on iprogress 1

8,waitForCompletion on iprogress 2


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