[vbox-dev] Adding the --enable-vnc option to configure script

Бранко Мајић branko at majic.rs
Sat Nov 20 13:50:54 PST 2010


I've only recently found out that even OSE has an option for remote
access to headless VirtualBox machines through VNC. Unfortunately, the
current configure script used for building the OSE does not mention
this capability anywhere in the --help output, nor does it support
trivial enabling through a --enable-feautre switch.

I've attached a small patch for the configure script allowing user to
pass the --enable-vnc configuration option to it. The patch will check
for the existence of libvncserver by compiling a small program which
also checks that the libvncserver is of version of at least 0.9.7.

The version-checking code is a bit crude since the libvncserver doesn't
provide version information as a numeric constant in its headers. I've
put down several lines of code for converting the constant char array
into an unsigned integer. If you have any suggestions on improving this
in any way, please let me know.

The patch is licensed under the MIT license.

Branko Majic
Jabber: branko at majic.rs
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Бранко Мајић
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