[vbox-dev] Error creating Session instance! rc = 0x80040154

Prometheus my.little.deathgod at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 00:01:46 PDT 2010

This happens every time I try to use the MSCOM bindings to use VirtualBox.
I'm trying to do something simple (send VM poweroff, sleep, wake, etc), but
no matter what I do, I keep getting this error. I tried using the tlb file
with C# first, but that resulted in a crash at runtime. Tried using C++/CLI,
then that failed as well. Finally, I tried doing it via unmanaged C++ with a
C++/CLI wrapper (the main app is in C#). All of these spouted the same

I finally resorted to building the example and enabling the test poweron
(changing the VM name to a valid one, of course) and it gave the same error!
Is the COM API broken?
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