[vbox-dev] XON/XOFF on Serial Port

Rene Sonderegger Rene.Sonderegger at RenaiSys.com
Fri Nov 5 11:09:17 PDT 2010

Since nobody in the forum seems to be able to help, I wonder if any
developer has any advice or opinion.

XON/XOFF control (software protocol) does not seem to work. Is there a
way to activate this?

I'm working with Windows XP as host (I've tried Ubuntu host as well) and
I'd like to run an old Solaris program inside VirtualBox (I've tried
OpenSolaris as well as Oracle Solaris).

At the beginning of the program, it downloads a hex-file to an Intel
Single Board Computer via the serial line. Software protocol is used to
prevent buffer overflows. With VirtualBox, it seems the guest does not
get any XOFF.

Has anybody had any experience with software protocol on VirtualBox? Is
there a way to activate this?

I'd appreciate any help.
Kind regards,

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