[vbox-dev] Bug on vbox?

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL mengualjeanphi at free.fr
Sun May 23 23:53:00 GMT 2010


I'm trying vbox 3.2 on a Debian lenny host. I run on it a guest xp. I
tried too with a Debian guest, both with Vbox Guest Addons. So 2
- Example of Windows: I can't do anymore alt-F4 or alt-Tab, which act
directly on the host and not in the guest. With previous releases the
keyboard was hower1r captured correctly.
- In preferences menu, I tried unchecking the box "Enable autocapture",
then check it. No real difference, even if on Linux, it seems right
control allows a bit more control. In Preferences menu (Input tab), I
only can choose the host key (I let this by default) and check what I've
just said about auto-capture. 

I think it's a bug in the new release, in addons or in the software
itself. I use the release with USB. If this bug persist I plan come back
to vbox 3.1 where no problem about this existed.

Thanks to tell me what I have to do.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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