[vbox-dev] 3.2.0beta2/win32/OSE does not build: kmk endless recursion

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Wed May 19 08:41:51 GMT 2010

Am 10.05.2010 13:39, schrieb Knut St. Osmundsen:
> S. Brandt wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm unable to build the OSE version of the 3.2.0 beta2 (r61317, I'm not sure whether this beta2 has already been replaced).
>> Problem: kmk seems to call itself recursively, until memory is exhausted.
> This sounds like a time problem on your system.  Since it looks like
> both GCCConfig.kmk and revision.kmk are being updated on each kmk run,
> Config.kmk probably has a futuristic timestamp relative to you system
> time. "DIR Config.kmk out\win.x86\release\GCCConfig.kmk & TIME" should
> easily prove/disprove this theory.
Thanks - that was the problem, it seems.
I compile vbox on a vbox vm, and it seems since the installation of the GA
3.2.0 beta1, no time sync had happened ...
Thus, the unpacked sources were far newer than the current system time.

I'll check whether the time sync problem re-occurs with GA 3.2.0beta3, using
3.1.6 or 3.1.8 as host system.

Thanks again,

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