[vbox-dev] Add simple PCI device for shared memory

Nev vbox at zavalon.com
Thu May 13 10:16:03 GMT 2010


I would appreciate some guidance on getting a very simple PCI device
loaded into VirtualBox. I have built the VBoxSampleDevice (Non PCI) but
can not find how this should be loaded. I want to create a PCI device
with a single memory BAR to share a single block of memory between host
and guest(s). I do not require interrupts or any other notification
between host and guest. I am planning to use shm_open and mmap to create
or open memory region and map to PCI device memory.

My Questions are:
1. How do I tell VirtualBox to load the VBoxSampleDevice device, so that
it is visible to the Guest OS?
2. Will this work only with the OSE or both OSE and closed source?
3. Can you point me to any documentation, hints or samples for functions
required to map host virtual address to physical address required for
PCI memory BAR?

I currently have my application working with a patched KVM, using Cam
Macdonell's host patch. But would also like to be able to support

Thanks Nev

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