[vbox-dev] Word branding recommendation- 2 new terms proposal: "FlexiStorage" & "FlexiNetwork"

Ulrich Moeller umoeller at sun.com
Wed May 12 15:32:08 GMT 2010


thank you for your recommendations. However, we don't think that every
menu item in VirtualBox needs its own marketing term, especially since
we're not advertising these minor improvements anywhere except in the


On 12.05.2010 16:57, Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> - coin new term: "FlexiStorage"
> for 3.1 feature:
> More flexible storage attachments: CD/DVD drives can be attached to
> arbitrary storage controllers, and there can be more than one such
> drive (Chapter 5, Virtual storage)
> - coin new term: "FlexiNetwork"
> for 3.1 feature:
> The network attachment type can be changed while a VM is running

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