[vbox-dev] Mac host: Cmd-H, Cmd-Q never reach guest, should if Host key changed and/or kbd captured

Jeremy Druker jsd.vboxdevel at bvac.co.za
Tue Mar 9 15:20:10 PST 2010

The "fix" to bug #5684 ("FE/Qt4-OSX: Reenable CMD+Key combinations,
even if the Host-Key isn't CMD") introduced in VB 3.1.2 in change set  
at http://www.virtualbox.org/changeset/25211 has the undesirable side  
that Cmd-H and Cmd-Q are impossible to keystrokes to send to a guest  
a Mac host.

With VB Host key changed to, say, Mac Alt key, and with the Mac Cmd key
mapped to Alt in a Windows guest, the keystroke Cmd-H should be seen
as Alt+H by the guest, and this was the case prior to VB 3.1.2.
Now those keystrokes never reach the guest, even if keyboard capture  
is active.

Problems with that change set include:
  * default shortcuts for Hide (Cmd-H) and Quit (Cmd-Q) are hard coded
     instead of using the actual menu shortcut keys, which may be  

  * those keystrokes are not sent to guest even if keyboard capture is  

  * one of the main reasons you'd change the Host key in the first  
place is so
     that you can use the default Host key normally in a guest.  Why,  
then, go
     to a lot of trouble to break that by still recognising _default_  
Host keystrokes?

Full details and a suggested patch are at

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