[vbox-dev] iscsi initiator patch

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 8 12:45:53 PST 2010

Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> Gergely Sánta wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I downloaded sources and figured out, that the problem is in static
>> buffer in VBox initiator. iscsi-scst tries to send sensitive data sized
>> 96 bytes. I don't know, what this data is, but VBox denied our iscsi
>> disk because of this buffer. I increased static buffer size to 96 bytes
>> (sense[32] -> sense[96]) in VBox iscsi initiator module, compiled it,
>> and now it works just perfect.
> Thanks, fixing such problems have been on my todo list already.

Had enough time today to squeeze it in - been waiting for a sporadic 
error to show up...

>> I'm attaching patchfile against version 3.1.4_OSE
>> Do you think, it's acceptable for stable releases?
> The fix will break again when some iSCSI target comes around which 
> provides even more sense data, so it is just one step.
> So from my point of view the solution is to both apply your patch and 
> also make VirtualBox a little less paranoid. Having to truncate sense 
> data is no error situation, so it should be handled gracefully.
> Again, thanks for providing the patch and reminding me.

The code change for this issue is in r27181. Note that there have been a 
number of more or less significant iSCSI fixes over the last weeks. 
Unfortunately it's not possible to use the ISCSIHDDCore.cpp file 
straight from trunk, as a few things have been changed since 3.1 in an 
incompatible way.


> Klaus
>> Regards,
>> Gergely Santa

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