[vbox-dev] iscsi initiator patch

Gergely Sánta gergely.santa at profitcomputing.com
Mon Mar 8 03:53:40 PST 2010


I was testing VirtualBox and iscsi last few days. We are using
iscsi-scst for performance reasons. VirtualBox was not able to handle
those iscsi disks, always reported VERR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW. Each other
iscsi initiators I tested (vmware, iscsiadm) used that disk without
problems, so I thought, the problem may be in VBox initiator.

I downloaded sources and figured out, that the problem is in static
buffer in VBox initiator. iscsi-scst tries to send sensitive data sized
96 bytes. I don't know, what this data is, but VBox denied our iscsi
disk because of this buffer. I increased static buffer size to 96 bytes
(sense[32] -> sense[96]) in VBox iscsi initiator module, compiled it,
and now it works just perfect.

I'm attaching patchfile against version 3.1.4_OSE

Do you think, it's acceptable for stable releases?


Gergely Santa
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