[vbox-dev] VBoxSDLFB Virtual Functions Error

Jay bigjaymail at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 6 15:56:22 PST 2010


(apologies - I just posted this to the users list by accident)

I am getting a strange C++ error while attempting to build the SDL interface (building against SDL 1.2.14):

src/VBox/Frontends/VBoxSDL/VBoxSDL.cpp: In function ‘int TrustedMain(int, char**, char**)’:
src/VBox/Frontends/VBoxSDL/VBoxSDL.cpp:1829: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type ‘VBoxSDLFB’
src/VBox/Frontends/VBoxSDL/Framebuffer.h:50: note:   because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘VBoxSDLFB’:
out/darwin.intel64/release/dist/sdk/bindings/xpcom/include/VirtualBox_XPCOM.h:12450: note: virtual nsresult IFramebuffer::GetWinId(PRUint64*)

Any hints/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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