[vbox-dev] IMachine::mediumAttachments and incorrect behavior using vboxwebsrv API

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 5 06:32:50 PST 2010

Joseph Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> After quite a bit of testing, I believe there is definitely a problem 
> with the IMachine::mediumAttachments webservice API.  Per the 
> documentation, this API should return a collection of medium attachment 
> objects (actually a handle for each attachment object).  Essentially a 
> list (collection) with zero to many handles.
> This works well when there is more than one medium attachment in the 
> list.  Whenever there is only one attachment in the list, the 
> IMachine::mediumAttachments API actually returns a medium attachment 
> object rather than a list with a single object (handle).
> It seems this is a problem with vboxwebsrv.  Has anyone encountered this 
> problem using other API approaches (e.g: XPCOM) ?

I seem to remember that a bug in this area was found and fixed a while 
ago. Which language do you use, which VirtualBox version and when did 
you download the SDK?


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