[vbox-dev] Behaviour of getMediumAttachmentsOfController

Ian Chapman packages at amiga-hardware.com
Wed Jun 30 05:49:42 PDT 2010


Is it safe to use IMachine::getMediumAttachmentsOfController on an 
IMachine object returned from ISession::machine?

The reason I ask, is because if I call IMachine::mountMedium, using the 
IMachine object returned from IVirtualBox::machines[] it does what I 
expect, however any time I subsequently call 
IMachine::getMediumAttachmentsOfController on a mutable version of the 
IMachine object (as obtained from ISession::machine), I get the 
following error:

-- entering __vbox__IMachine_USCOREgetMediumAttachmentsOfController
[  1]    findRefFromId(): looking up objref 
[  1]    findRefFromId(): sessid 5077A97F76FECE5A, objid 2A
[M  ] Pumping COM event queue
[  1]    calling COM method GetMediumAttachmentsOfController
[M  ] Pumping COM event queue
[  1]    error, raising SOAP exception
API return code:            0x80004004 (NS_ERROR_ABORT)
COM error info result code: 0x0
COM error info text:

Ian Chapman.

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