[vbox-dev] Reading Guest Properties for running VM (SOAP APIs)

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 08:07:01 PDT 2010


I am encountering some challenges when trying to retrieve guest properties (enumerateGuestProperties) via the SOAP API.

I am able to use this API and retreive guest properties if the guest is not running ... but get a runtime exception if I try when the guest is running.  I know it can be done since VBoxManage is able to ... but I'm wondering if this could possibly be a vboxwebsrv  problem.  Essentially ... the steps I use are:

1) Instantiate a new Session object
2) Using this session object ... try to open a new session (openSession)
3) If getting a new session fails ... try to open an existing session (openExistingSession)
3) With the opened session object ... get the machine object reference (ISession::machine)
4) Using the machine reference ... enumerate the guest properties (ISession::enumerateGuestProperties)

If the VM is not running ... it works perfectly.  If the VM is running ... a runtime exception is thrown.  The error thrown is:
     "VirtualBox error: Internal application error (0x2147500037)"

Using the same Machine reference object I can retrieve other machine specific information ... so I know the machine ref is valid (additionally, the UUID on the machine ref matches the UUID of the VM).

I am also able to use this same approach to getting a session for both a non-running and running VM to start/stop/pause or otherwise manage a VM.  As frequently suggested (<smile>) ... I have looked over how VBoxManage does it ... and I am unable to see a difference between how VBoxManage retreives the information when compared to they way I do.

I'm sure I must be doing something wrong ... but it sure does not seem very obvious.

Anyone have any suggestions they can offer ?


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