[vbox-dev] Memory leak

Frank Mehnert Frank.Mehnert at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 28 07:58:30 PDT 2010


On Saturday 26 June 2010, Magnus Ekhall wrote:
> Is it possible that there is a memory leak in VirtualBox 3.2.6?

to be honest, we had several reports about memory leaks with
VBox 3.2.0 ... VBox 3.2.4 but we have reports that these leaks
are fixed with VBox 3.2.6.

> I just upgraded to Oracle VB 3.2.6 from Sun VB 3.something and now my
> host (Ubuntu linux) is running out of memory after about half a day of
> running a guest.
> The guest is running ubuntu linux as well.
> I think I found a way to reproduce it.
> Create a new virtual box and install ubuntu linux on it.
> Install all updates and the latest guest additions.
> Install Freenet on the guest machine. Freenet uses a lot of CPU, network
> and file access. This seems to trigger the bug.
> With this setup my host loses between 2 and 5 MB per minute. This
> eventually fills up the swap and then it's goodbye...
> I did not have this behavior with the older version of VB.
> Anyone else got this?

We will try to reprodue this memory leak.

Kind regards,

Dr.-Ing. Frank Mehnert

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