[vbox-dev] [PATCH] Fix for ticket #6453 diff and description

Vitali Pelenjow Vitali.Pelenjow at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 24 05:20:14 PDT 2010

Hi Dennis,

thanks a lot for the patch. We will apply the fix.

Best regards,

Dennis Lawler wrote:
> Fairly minimal patch to address ticket #6453, and some minor changes. 
> I release this tiny bit of code under the MIT license.
> Problem description and fix:
> If verifier is enabled with “Force Pending IO requests”, IoCallDriver 
> will return 0x103(STATUS_PENDING). If IoCallDriver returns pending, we 
> wait for the completion event as we should – but we fail to copy the 
> status from the IOSB, so the packet is completed with STATUS_PENDING. 
> This will cause a verifier bugcheck, and an assertion on checked 
> builds of Windows. The fix is to simply copy the status value from the 
> IOSB to the status variable after waiting for completion.
> On a side note, if anyone has a few spare cycles to work on #6183, it 
> should be a pretty simple fix and would be greatly appreciated.
> Additional changes:
> - Optimization from DDK sample event-setting completion routine added. 
> See WDK\src\general\toaster\wdm\filter\filter.c, 
> FilterStartCompletionRoutine or 
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms810023.aspx.
> - Removed information and Irp->IoStatus.Status check as they are 
> unnecessary.
> -Dennis Lawler
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