[vbox-dev] What setextradata values are live in PEUL 3.2.4r62467

s_k_e_l Chris.Binner at btinternet.com
Thu Jun 24 03:07:43 PDT 2010

> Hi folks,
> I'm posting here to check if the code in 
> age is live and all the settings in 
>  /**
> 889     * @interface_method_impl{PDMDEVREG,pfnConstruct}
> 890     */
> 891    static DECLCALLBACK(int)  pcbiosConstruct(PPDMDEVINS pDevIns, int 
> iInstance, PCFGMNODE pCfg)
> 892    {
> are visible in the PEUL version?
> A more detailed overview (logs, xml, etc) of what I have tried is in 
> post on community forums
> http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=32117
> I am trying to use  
setextradata "pxe2" "VBoxInternal/Devices/pcbios/0/Config/DmiChassisAssetTag" "l
> oantag"
> from a windows XP host to a windows PE ( 6.1.7600 ) guest.
> I am having difficult querying it on a WinPE guest, the value appears to be 
> accepted into the pxe2.xml and valid in the log but I am getting No Instance
> when I query it within the WinPE.
> Other queries work.
> C:\wmictests>wmic csproduct list brief
> Caption IdentifyingNumber Name Vendor Version
> real:Computer System Product R8PVHR0 7459VTT LENOVO ThinkPad X200
> vm: Computer System Product 0 VirtulaBox innotek GmbH 1.2
> C:\wmictests>wmic systemenclosure get smbiosassettag
> SMBIOSAssetTag
> Real: loankit
> V: No Instance(s) Available.
> (No systemenclosure values exist)
> I've looked at the source code (possibly not for this version). 
> http://www.virtualbox.org/browser/trunk/src/VBox/Devices/PC/DevPcBios.cpp
> and the value (ChassisAssettag) I'm interested in seems to be exposed.
> I have read interesting diversions about BIOS addins in 
> http://vbox.innotek.de/pipermail/vbox-dev/2008-May/000606.html
> I appreciate that this is in a grey area as far as a post on a dev list, but 
> reply with a list of what setextradata values are available to set and read 
> would be great. A pointer to the relevent code would be useful though I am 
> unlikely at this point to do any development coding. 

s_k_e_l <Chris.Binner at ...> writes:
is this the similar to the discussion 

Where there was a comment by Frank Mehnert
No, for chassis there is currently a separate, disabled section.
See DevFwCommon.cpp line 650.
Sorry if I'm covering old ground.
If it is the same is there anyione working on enabling the section?


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