[vbox-dev] VirtualBox Load HGCM Host Service

Anirudh Bagde anidev.aelico at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 17:55:48 PDT 2010

My host is Ubuntu Lucid with VirtualBox OSE and my guest is Windows XP SP3
with VirtualBox (not ose).

I want to create a set of programs that will make the VirtualBox seamless
mode work better. To do this, I had to learn how to use the HGCM. I wrote a
small test program for the guest side using C++ and building it with Visual
Studio C++ 2010 Express on Windows. It used DeviceIoControl to connect and
disconnect to the VBoxSharedClipboard service. It seemed to work, i.e.
info.result == VINF_SUCCESS. However, info.u32ClientID == 0.

I then decided to write the host service. I compiled a very small library
VBoxBetterSeamless.so that would just notify me if the VBoxHGCMSvcLoad
method was getting called. I verified that the method was properly exported
using readelf. I then put it in /usr/lib/virtualbox/. VirtualBox OSE doesn't
seem to call VBoxHGCMSvcLoad when the XP VM starts, and I really don't know
how to make the service automatically load every time the VM starts. Google
has not been much help.

What do I need to do to cause my service to load when the XP VM starts?

Thanks in advance.
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