[vbox-dev] vbox page fusion results

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Mon Jun 7 15:56:36 PDT 2010

I am seeing something that looks a lot better now J 


For a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine with 768MG of RAM, with nothing


host       RAM/VMM/Shared       75564 kB

host       RAM/VMM/Shared:avg   75564 kB

host       RAM/VMM/Shared:min   75564 kB

host       RAM/VMM/Shared:max   75564 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared 75564 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared:avg 75564 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared:min 75564 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared:max 75564 kB

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared 100608 kB

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared:avg 100608 kB

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared:min 100608 kB

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared:max 100608 kB



Can you explain why Wind2008R2 has only 75M of shared, and Win2008R2-2 is


Interestingly when I look inside the VM, I am seeing the RAM usage as
different on the two VMs:


Win2008R2:  355MB

Win2008R2-2:  277MB.


Would the difference have anything to do with the page fusion?


Since I am running a Windows host, would it also look for shared memory
pages from the host OS? 







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Wait for 3.2.4. Previous versions didn't work well for 64 bit guests.

On 7-6-2010 20:04, Geoff Nordli wrote: 



I didn't get any results on the user list, probably because it is a pretty
new function and not much non-dev use.


Can you share any results on page fusion?






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Does anyone have any results on some page fusions tests?


I created a clone of Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit).  I am seeing only 2MB
of shared memory.  


Object     Metric               Values

---------- -------------------- -----------------------------------

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Total 785976 kB

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Free 385540 kB

Win2008R2-2 Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared 4 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Total 785976 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Free 408496 kB

Win2008R2  Guest/RAM/Usage/Shared 2008 kB


Maybe I don't quite understand how this is supposed to work, but I would
have thought we would see a much larger amount of shared memory.


Are there any tricks that I am missing?







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