[vbox-dev] Current WDDM Windows Driver Support?

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Thanks for this great summary.  I'll see how I can contribute to the project.


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The current Wddm driver is not fully functional yet, currently it can do GDI rendering only, neither D3D nor DDraw are properly supported yet, but one can install it in a generic way (via "Update Driver" for Video device in device manager) and have it working for GDI. It is currently using WDDM v1.0. 
It is not yet tested for x64. To make it work (GDI only) on x64 there needed some small adjustments in makefiles to make the driver package be correctly created for x64.
As for D3D, the current plan is to have it use WineD3D in the first place, however despite the current approach used with XPDM, no system lib replacement (d3d9.dll & d3d8.dll) will be needed, instead VBox WDDM user-mode display driver will translate d3d runtime calls made to it to WineD3D accordingly.
For now it is planned to support D3D9[Ex] & D3D8.


On 6/3/2010 10:47 PM, Roger Cruz wrote: 

	What is the current state of the WDDM driver in VBox? I'm trying to find the latest info and a developer's thread so any pointers would be very useful. In particular, I want to determine what version of WDDM it supports (v1.0 or v1.1), what its limitations may be (32 vs 64-bit, for example), which version of DirectX does it support, does it still require Wine3D3,etc. 
	I have downloaded the latest trunk under the Additions/WINNT/Graphics to examine the code and see a lot of stubbed routines. Having some other information to go on would help me understand how I can use VBox effectively
	Thank you.
	Roger R. Cruz
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