[vbox-dev] 3.2.0 w/ UnixWare 7.1.4 guest

Tim Rice tim at multitalents.net
Tue Jun 1 08:46:08 PDT 2010

is now locked. Achimha asked "Which bug in bridged mode?". I had seen
several postings about problems with bridge mode in the betas and
assumed it must be one of those.
I also saw a post saying that all known problems with bridge mode
would be fixed in the release version.
Now that 3.2.0 is released, I'd have to say perhaps it is a bug that has
not been found yet.

On further testing I found that the problem shows up on Adapter 1
but not Adapter 2. I've tried PCnet-FAST III(Am79C973) and Intel PRO/1000
MT Desktop (82540EM) on Adapter 1 and the both hang the guest but either
one works on Adapter 2. I do not see the problem with Adapter 1 with NAT
or internal.

When I say the guest hangs, I'm not sure if it is hung or just the
process that is adding the NIC is stuck. Currently there is no way to
send the Alt-SysRequest key sequence to be able to switch to another
virtual terminal. I'd appreciate pointers to where in the code to
add Alt-SysRequest.


Tim Rice				Multitalents	(707) 887-1469
tim at multitalents.net

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