[vbox-dev] VirtualKD vs. VirtualBox

rondzierwa at comcast.net rondzierwa at comcast.net
Mon Jul 26 06:52:13 PDT 2010

>From all the evidence I have seen, Microsoft developers do not debug 
their code, so which tool they use is kind of a moot point. 


>Dear Walt. 
>> Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly. Are you saying that MicroSoft 
>> employees are using your GPL'd open-source tool to debug their proprietary 
>> MS kernel code? I must be misreading, surely? 
>The tool is free and open-source, so anyone who wants to speed up 
>kernel debugging under VirtualBox can freely use it. As for the 
>Microsoft developers, I do not know which tools are they using 
>Best Regards, 
> Ivan mailto:info at ivan-shcherbakov.com 
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