[vbox-dev] VirtualKd + VirtualBox: sources

Ivan Shcherbakov info at ivan-shcherbakov.com
Tue Jul 20 07:16:02 PDT 2010

Dear All,

I  have  attached the sources for the VirtualKD plugin for VirtualBox.
As  I  have  mentioned  before,  VirtualKD  speeds  up the kernel-mode
debugging  with  VirtualBox  by  providing a direct kernel-to-debugger
interface. The sources contained in the attached VirtualKD-VBoxDev.zip
archive are provided under MIT license.

To  try out the current implementation, you need to build the provided
Visual  Studio solution, rename the original VBoxDD.dll to VBoxDD0.dll
and  copy  the compiled file instead of the original VBoxDD.dll. Then,
you   need   to   download   a   special   testing   VirtualKD   build
(http://virtualkd.sysprogs.org/kdclient-vboxtest.zip)   and   register
kdclient.dll  (or  kdclient64.dll  on 64-bit machines) using regsvr32.
Finally,        you       need       to       download       VirtualKD
(http://virtualkd.sysprogs.org)   and   run  Virtual  Machine  Monitor
provided with it, that will run WinDbg with the required arguments.

I  would  like  to  integrate the VirtualKD device into the VirtualBox
source  tree,  however,  I  am  not  familiar  with  high-level device
configuration procedures. The IOHandlers.cpp and VBoxDD.cpp files from
the  archive  should  be included into the main build tree, VBoxDD.cpp
file   should   be   modified   to   create   a   new   device  having
ConstructOverride()  as  its  pfnConstruct,  rather  than  patching an
existing  device.  The  device should be created by VirtualBox only if
the  corresponding  key  is  set  in  the registry and KDCLIENT.DLL is
available   (TryLoadKdClientDllFromRegistry()  returns  true).  Please
inform  me  whether  it  is  possible  and  is  needed to successfully
integrate VirtualKD device into VirtualBox.

Best Regards,
 Ivan                          mailto:info at ivan-shcherbakov.com
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