[vbox-dev] seamless display update question

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 16 12:21:27 PDT 2010

If explorer.exe windows (taskbar) are made invisible in seamless mode, when another application window is minimized, the desktop is not updated. i.e., xp background is still shown.
I need to understand what happens when a window is minized inside xp guest in seamless mode. As I understand this is the sequences:
(1) vboxhook.dll will enumerate all visible windows to build a list of visible rects
(2)  visible areas will send to host via requst VMMDevReq_VideoSetVisibleRegion
(3) host refresh the displays
I did some debuging, after a window is minized, nagative numbers appears for visible areas, which might be the cause?
Any ideas why display is not updated correctly? I traced the calls, 
VBoxSeamlessCheckWindows() in VBoxTray.cpp gets called when a window is minized, and 
VBoxDispIfEscape() is also invoked to send reques to host. but somehow, not working right.
Moving a window has no issues.
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