[vbox-dev] VirtualBox Questions

Francesco Di Paolo negroni_85 at hotmail.it
Fri Jul 16 11:48:11 PDT 2010

Hello there,
i'm a student of Computer Engineering who is approaching for the first
time to VirtualBox(version 3.1.4 OSE installed from source code)in order to develop the final thesis. I have some question to ask:
1)first of all, i would like to know which is the source code used for the start-up of VBox.
2)at the start-up, which are the data struct created?
3)is there any document that talks in a deeply way about the concept of memory balooning?

In particular, i need to understand how the guest OS interacts with the native
kernel(in my case linux 2.6.31),how the memory is managed and how my
kernel manages the system calls generated by the virtual
kernel,something about the flow control.
Any kind of help will be VERY appreciated.
Thank You
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