[vbox-dev] Speeding up VM boot/restore

Achim Hasenmüller achim.hasenmueller at oracle.com
Thu Jul 15 02:17:45 PDT 2010

> However the question is in the cost of this solution. As far as I know
> VirtualBox does not support memory ballooning. The concept behind
> memory ballooning seems quite simple. However I'm not able to
> accurately estimate how hard it will be to add support for this
> feature in VirtualBox.

Memory ballooning is fully supported as of VirtualBox 3.2.

> Another idea that may help is sharing memory pages between multiple
> concurrently running VM instances. (We plan to run concurrently
> several machines that are "forked" from one saved state and slightly
> differ. Their life span is also quite short.) Do you think this is a
> feasible and reasonable solution?

Page Fusion was introduced in VirtualBox 3.2 and does what you refer to.


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