[vbox-dev] GOOD News: patch for 48 GiB RAM for guests

Alexey Eremenko al4321 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 10:06:41 PDT 2010

The current version of VirtualBox (3.2.6) supports up to 16 GiB of RAM per VM.

FreeBSD community man, HubTou wrote a patch to up the limit to 48 GiB of RAM.

I have tested it with 36 GiB of RAM on real hardware (RHEL5 Linux host).

Host: Dual AMD Opteron Magny-cours (2x12) 24 core + 48 GB of RAM +
VBox 3.2.6 OSE with HubTou patches.
It was also tested on FreeBSD 8 host by HubTou.

the following guest systems were able to boot and work:
-RHEL-5.4/32-bit (PAE)
-Windows Server 2003/x64
-Windows 7/x64
-FreeBSD 8.0/64-bit (tested by HubTou)

On Linux guests I have also put a load - ramdisk (via tmpfs).
Plus I have done the full "memtest86" test -- and it PASSED after 30 hours.

After those tests I can recommend to evaluate the patch for inclusion
into VBox 3.3.x line.
Please evaluate the patch of 48 GiB RAM for guests.

TODO: Test Guests: (for someone else)
-Mac OS X Server
-Windows Server 32-bit PAE

TODO: Test Hosts: (for someone else, unless you provide me with remote
access into such a machine)

TODO: Write: (for someone else)
-a similar patch for the Qt GUI.

The patch is in the forum.

Forum also includes the VBox Log and my test results.
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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