[vbox-dev] VirtualKD vs. VirtualBox

Ivan Shcherbakov info at ivan-shcherbakov.com
Mon Jul 12 07:53:30 PDT 2010

Dear Achim.

> Hi Ivan,
> great stuff! That is very useful also for our engineers.
If  they  do  some  kernel-mode  debugging,  for  sure.  It raises the
connection  speed  up  to  45x  compared  to the virtual COM port plus
allows  debugging  drivers directly from Visual Studio at a reasonable
speed using VisualDDK.

> ...
> I think it might be worth looking at integrating your code. Could
> you submit a patch under the MIT license as described on
> virtualbox.org? It should be turned off by default and enabled with
> a CFGM setting (i.e. via VBoxManage setextradata).
> Thanks!
> Achim.

OK. I am not sure whether I can instantly make a complete patch adding
the  functionality  to  the source tree, as my knowledge of VirtualBox
internals  is limited to registering I/O port handlers. I would prefer
publishing  the source code for a module implementing the PPDMDEVREGCB
interface  and  specifying,  what  parameter (port number) needs to be
read from the per-machine configuration. If it is possible for you (or
any  other developer) to integrate the module into the source tree, it
would  be much faster than me researching how the integration & global
configuration works. If this is not possible, please provide me with a
link  to  some  sort of a HOWTO document on adding custom devices into
the tree.

Best Regards,
 Ivan                          mailto:info at ivan-shcherbakov.com

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