[vbox-dev] VirtualKD vs. VirtualBox

Ivan Shcherbakov info at ivan-shcherbakov.com
Sun Jul 11 12:32:36 PDT 2010

Dear VirtualBox developers,

My  name  is  Ivan  Shcherbakov.  I am the developer of VirtualKD - an
open-source  tool  that  speeds  up kernel-mode Windows debugging with
VirtualBox  by providing a direct kernel-to-debugger interface instead
of  the  slow emulated COM port. The tool is widely used among Windows
kernel developers.

As  I  did  not  find  a documented way of adding a custom device to a
pre-compiled VirtualBox distribution, I had to hook the initialization
of  the main driver package contained in VBoxDD.dll in order to add my
custom device.

Is  there  a  better  way  of  adding custom devices to VirtualBox? In
particular, I need my handler to be called when the OS kernel accesses
some  particular  I/O  address in order to allow OS kernel to interact
with my host-side code.

Would  it  also be possible to add the VirtualKD virtual device module
to the main VirtualBox source tree and make it disabled by default, so
that  users not using VirtualKD won't see any difference? VirtualKD is
licensed  under  LGPL,  however,  I can release the VirtualBox-related
part under the BSD license.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
 Ivan                          mailto:info at ivan-shcherbakov.com

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