[vbox-dev] VNC server patch

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Fri Jan 22 07:30:25 PST 2010

I have written a VNC server extension to VirtualBox. After requesting 
this feature in the Bug tracker (http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/6020), 
I decided to see whether I could write it myself.

The result is currently part of the VBoxHeadless application and 
implemented in a shared library (much like, and based on, the FFMPEG 

I am willing to release any of my (modified) source code under the MIT 
license, however, the required VNC server library (libvncserver, 
http://libvncserver.sourceforge.net/) is distributed under the GPL license.

The diff/patch file is attached (patch -p1, please). I hope this patch 
can somehow be useful.

Thank you all very much for your work on VirtualBox - I love it.

Best regards,

Ivo Smits

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