[vbox-dev] Thanks! VirtualBox 3.1.2 port on FreeBSD

Bernhard Froehlich decke at bluelife.at
Wed Jan 13 07:53:09 PST 2010

We want to thank you all for making it possible to port VirtualBox 3.1.2
to FreeBSD!

After 2 call for testers with the latest version and very positive feedback
from FreeBSD users we've commited the virtualbox 3.1.2 ports to the ports
tree this morning. The feedback from our users was overwhelmingly positive
and we want to share this with you all! Thanks a lot for all your work and
for making this all possible!

The performance of virtualbox is by far superior to qemu and we are very
pleased with all the advanced features of virtualbox. Since the first
virtualbox ports the FreeBSD Community was very active fixing FreeBSD
related bugs that were triggered from vbox and also created some patches
to fix vbox bugs and generally improve virtualbox support.

All patches that are included in the port are already send upstream or
were taken from upstream and that's quite exceptional. There are not many
projects that are so a friendly and helpful upstream when there are problems
to solve or patches to contribute. That really makes life much easier for
us all and motivates people to contribute. Thanks for being such an open
minded project.

Best regards,
FreeBSD vbox@ Team

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